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We are Cathy & Jeff, the faces behind the cameras at UnPosed Photography. Working as a duo to create compelling images for our clients, we seek to tell your story through photography.  Our goal is that your ideal clients see your photos and know that your business is the place they want to go.  

We are UnPosed Photography

You want to stand out from your competition.

You want a cohesive online presence.

You want your client to look at your website and think “This is the place for me!”

That’s where we come in. By creating imagery that attracts your ideal clients, we help your business excel in the online marketplace. Do you have an online storefront? Our product photography can help your images stand apart from the rest. Do you want to earn your clients trust the moment they see your website? We can create lifestyle imagery that draws them to you. Do you need updated headshots for yourself or your team? We can capture those with ease.

If you are a business with an online presence that cares deeply about your customers, we are the photographers for you.

We Help companies take their imagery to the next level to attract next level clients

your visual brand can make or break your business

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